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We will lick your tears

Cane Sir and connie’s thoughts on honorifics .. “Sir” mostly.

21:15] <Cane> there is that debate about calling someone Sir and a lot of subs believe you need to earn being called Sir
[21:15] <connie> well “Sir” i can say without issue.
[21:16] <connie> Owner on the other hand…
[21:16] <connie> is prolly “highest status’ with me
[21:16] <Cane> but I always called my teachers Sir or Ma`am as a matter of respect, or older people,, well I am old so I earned it
[21:16] <Cane> lol
[21:16] <connie> You are NOT old Sir.
[21:16] * connie her eyes flash at Him.
[21:17] <Cane> well I think its a correct thing to do,, and if I do something to deserve to not have the title of Sir then so be it
[21:17] <connie> I think its the correct and polite thing to do, as well.
[21:17] <Cane> but it’s prejudgement to not call someone Sir
[21:18] <connie> yes! thats how i feel.
[21:18] <Cane> old fashioned
[21:18] <connie> heyyyyyyy maybe i should put this in our blog!
[21:18] <connie> Cane Sir and connie’s thoughts on calling Dominants “Sir”
[21:18] <Cane> ok that is agreeable
[21:19] <Cane> Now Master or Owner is as you say, different
[21:19] <connie> yes Sir.!  well Master and Owner are interchangeable in my mind….
[21:19] <connie> …
[21:20] <connie> and i haven’t called someone Master since.. uhhhhhhhhh 2002.
[21:21] <Cane> in status perhaps but if you think about it, you can get a Masters degree for the amount of knowledge you have and the amount of training
[21:21] <connie> hhm yes…
[21:21] <Cane> owner is earned by trust and actions that match people together as a team,, owner and owned
[21:22] <connie> yes Sir good point
[21:22] <Cane> and in my mind there is no difference in the status

[21:22] <connie> but if some dude has His collar around my throat, then He is Master and Owner
[21:22] <connie> exactly
[21:23] <Cane> well your owner will have to be a Master
[21:23] <connie> yes Sir
[21:23] <connie> i wouldnt let Him be anything else.
[21:24] <Cane> back when I was a op for Cr|mson’s original site subs called many Master, based on their knowledge
[21:24] * connie rocks back on her heels and thinks about that.
[21:24] <connie> He…prolly ..brought a lot of gor girls.
[21:24] <Cane> I have two that still call me Master going back those 13 years,, because they respect me
[21:25] <connie> i met Him about ..12 years ago –
[21:25] * Cane nods
[21:25] * connie drifts off a moment, looks off to the side


oooOoo Nice leather collar….


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