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connie’s musings on Gor

Why exactly DID i post all the Gorean quotes on the website?  Am i possibly thinking about slipping into the Gorean world?  my thoughts are.. torn about the whole issue… Please see below

Soooo, Y/you may be thinking “but connie is not kajira, is not gorean.. why all this gorean stuff..?”  There are a couple of answers.  One, the first and most important, i hold dearly to my heart , is that i  was asked to study Gor, again.  Ironically i was asked to over a decade ago — although the circumstances around that — i can not fully remember.  Perhaps back then, because as my position as slave – my Owner at the time, wanted me to fully understand what it means to be ’slave’.  Was He gorean?  no.  it’s all just.. one big confusing circle.  Another answer –  yes of course , i am intrigued but .. i have some thoughts such as “.. i can not call every man “Master”.” .. it is true.  i can not.  To me, i can only be owned by *one* Man.  And that One Man should be called “Master” and “Owner” to .. elevate His status from the other Dominants around.  A high pedestal, as it were.  i want that Owner to know .. that He is truly valued and above the Others in my mind and heart.  So, in summary while I respect the Gorean lifestyle and A/all in it — and incidentally to show respect for their choices — i stay out of their rooms unless specifically asked to go in.  Make sense? Gosh I hope so.    Because some days, i truly do teeter back and forth… just on the outside of “BDSM”. towards Gor,  but then back again.   A heart issue to say the very least!


On her knees, face to the floor…


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