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My Thoughts on Submission (by nysia)

I heard a conversation one day that really made me think. It was about submission. The Master asked the girl why he said the word please to her. The answer was when the Master said please it was the girl’s decision to choose whether she obeys his request. Simply put, she chooses submission to the Master or not. It made me think because I did not look at it that way when the one who had owned me said please to me. To me it was Him just asking me to do something but it goes much deeper than that.

When the person who owns me asks me to do a certain thing and says please, it is him giving me the choice if I am going to do it or not do it. When I say yes my Master I am really telling him I submit to your will my Master. When I say no my Master I am telling him that I refuse to submit to him.

Another part of the conversation made me think also. The Master asked three specific questions of the girl. The first one was what about your slavery is what fulfills me as a Master? and she said she did not know. Then He chose a different approach to find the answer that he sought of her. The Master asked two more questions of the girl. The first one was how many times have I compelled you to choose to submit to me and the second one was how many times have I put you in a place to make that choice.

The girl answered the first question by stating you haven’t compelled me… I’ve chosen to submit to you because I want to. The answer to the second question that the Master wanted was constantly. So then the Master asked the answer to the question is which the answer to that was that you CHOOSE to SUBMIT to ME. That answer is just 6 little words but those 6 little words have a lot of meaning to them.

Submission is a choice. It is not something that can be forced by anyone. Submission is given freely, control is forced. Just like it is a choice for someone to get out of bed each morning. They choose to get up and face the day and go about their life. It is not something they have to do but something they choose to do, that they want to do. Submission is like that to me. When I submit to the one who is owning me I am making a conscious choice to do that, to say yes to him and please him, make him proud and to reap the benefits and rewards because of that choice. It is because I want to and nothing he says or does can make submit, I have to have the desire to do so.

Why do I desire and chose to submit? I do so because in submitting to him I please him; in pleasing the owner I please myself. My owner will bring out the deepest submission in me and will command my heart totally through love. I will chose to submit to Him because I know He wants what is best for me, even when I don’t see it. He will know my fears, dreams and secrets and push me to be the woman he knows I can be.

Choosing to submit is a freedom for me. It is the freedom to be who I am meant to be. It is also the freedom of letting go and knowing my owner is there to catch me if I stumble or falter. The freedom of knowing he will push me to be the best I can be as a person, not just as his submissive and to learn and grow from each experience.

To submit I am giving over my will, my heart, my body and soul to him. It takes great strength for me or any sub/slave to do this because I am offering myself to the direction or will of another person. I am submitting out of strength, love and total trust in him. It is also the ultimate struggle to let go and bring down the walls that has taken years to put into place. To bring them down and allow someone to come in and show me the woman I have always been but never could see takes great strength for me to do. It leaves me vulnerable but I also have the knowledge that I have someone who will cherish and treasure my heart and protect it. That person will be my loving Master.


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3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Submission (by nysia)

  1. Thank you so much nysia… ! 🙂

    i think my fav parts are “choosing to submit is a freedom to me”. and “He will know my fears, dreams and secrets and push me to be the woman he knows I can be.”

    i can’t wait to see more posts from you! :):) thanks again for being part of O/our family:)


  2. Well done and well thought out. When you make that decision to submit to One, do you do it with the intention of being with Him going forward? Do you submit with a finite time limit? I would like to know more about your thought processes.

    • nysia on said:

      @ LordOfDiscipline When I submit, I only submit to people I trust and in that, I also do not give my full submission. The only Dominant who will ever get my full submission is the One who takes my heart, molds it, treasures it and calls me His. When I give my full submission to Him He will have my heart because that is where the desire to give my all to Him comes from; deep inside where a fire burns so bright to just hand over everything to Him.

      It does not have a time limit. No relationships, D/s or otherwise should have a time limit. No one knows what the future may hold for anyone, let alone how long a relationship lasts. When I enter into a D/s it never has a time limit like any relationship in my life. I do not know how long it will last, but I will give my all for the time I am with Him.

      I am not a believer that every submissive should submit to any Dom. To me, respect is earned not just given and in giving that submission the submissive needs to respect the Dominant. There are many cruel, ignorant, trolling little Doms out there in real life and online who just want a quick fuck and play games. This lifestyle is not a game to me, its real life. I personally do not feel they deserve any submission or respect from me. They have not earned it nor will they ever.

      In saying that, it takes one strong Dom to be able to handle me or to even make me think twice about submitting to them. I am not a weak willed doormat. I am strong and independent in my own right who is smart and knows what I want out of life. I do not need to be changed in that area because in reality, it takes a strong woman to be able to let go of control and submit just a fraction to a Dom. When I submit fully to someone, because of this, I will submit with every fiber of my being.

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