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connie’s review on the novel: “Sold into Slavery” by Claire Thompson

This book, based on the very real horrors of slave trafficking ..

One of the main characters, Leah, was a young American woman vacationing in Thailand..    Leah, just recently broken up with her Master/Owner – struggling to cope with her “release” of being an owned slave girl – and even still, wearing a slave locket/collar around her throat. 


Leah, meets an EnglishMan “Devin”, and they instantly *click*, spending the night together — Devin, a Dominant, was drawn to her –  and realized as soon as He looked at the locket/collar.. that she must be in the lifestyle.  Leah and Devin spend the night together, sharing common interest in BDSM.  A dream come true for them both..!!

They promise to meet the next evening…

Leah is then abducted the next morning while shopping — and held captive by a sadistic Master/Prince in a compound that holds many other slaves/owned property.

Devin begins his search of his new found submissive, Leah.

Abduction –  forced into slavery of a Sadistic Man —  a sub and Dominant meeting and “clicking instantly” to the point where the Dominant will stop at nothing to find His girl.

Sounds like a hot fantasy to S/some.

For my own tastes, the book was quite tame – but well written.  It took me less than 24 hours to read.  I purchased the book on Amazon, for a little less than $10 (American).

I did however, find a quote that I really liked, regarding submission:

“Submission is not about weakness, but rather about courage.. the courage to recognize and embrace what and who you are at the very core of your being.”

I would be lieing if that did not strike a nerve with me.  However, i am submissive so – of course it would.

I don’t want my blog post to give away the ending .. if this sounds like something you would enjoy – it’s a fairly good read (7 out of 10 on the ‘connie must-read scale!).



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2 thoughts on “connie’s review on the novel: “Sold into Slavery” by Claire Thompson

  1. Cane on said:

    Iinteresting as it is i read another book by this author. Also tame compared to my liking. The book i read “the Dom of my dreams” was a look at dsm from a woman’s viewpoint and told Me the author was a sub with some experience. I like the setting of northampton Mass. Where i lived for many years.

  2. yes it was too tame for me too Cane Sir, i will keep searching. I was told though, that anything short of hard core porn may be .. “too tame ” for me. .. that may be correct. hahaha 🙂

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