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Book review on: “The Siren” by Tiffany Reisz

It has been quite awhile since i read a book.. that truly depicts our BDSM lifestyle.. and hit as many nerves with me — as this one has.

This is also a book, i can not *wait* to read the sequel.  “The Angel”. 

That being said, it should come to no surprise, that it takes QUITE a bit of talent, QUITE a bit of interesting content to keep my attention riveted.  This book did it ~quite effortlessly it seemed.  But only because. .i could relate to the main character “Nora”.  And found myself .. pausing to reflect on how the “Top/Ultimate Dom”.. Nora’s ex Owner/Master .. reminded me of a couple of different Dominants i know.. be it online or RL.. or a mixture of both. 

The very being of her ex-Master.. of how He kept a steel chain around her heart, no matter what.  Kept an eye on her.  Was in complete, utter control in their world.  The air CHANGED when He walked in.  He dominated everyone – the other Dominants.  All of the submissives.  He had authority to punish Dominants “beneath” Him..  They all knew He was the ultimate, and Nora.. was His.. whether she wore His collar or not.  She always knew it.. even when she turned into a famous Dominatrix , lived her life “apart” from Him. He had people watch over her, reporting to Him about her, to keep a hand in her life. because He actually did love her.  He made her 2nd level Dominant in His Home.  It took until the author actually said that the reason why He allowed her to be a Dominant after being His slave/property/possession.. because He could not bear another Dominant owning her.  It all made sense.  I sat there, curled up on my couch, .. and lost myself in that.  Of course, that makes sense.  So, to protect her, and to keep control over her .. He made her #2 level on whatever hierarchy in their “club” house.. an underground BDSM place where she worked, and He was “Top Dom” #1. 

Nora has 3 main men she must decide between.  my heart ached, bruised for the 2 she let go.  She did .. let them go for good reason, for the best reasons.  It didnt make it easier to read.

Oddly enough, i found this book at WALMART.  and its the best $10 i ever spent (besides on my Nora Roberts books).

i think, if i could ~  I would suggest this to people that are somewhat new to the lifestyle.  So they could get a good, honest, blunt view into what is the norm for us.  How we feel.  What we do.  The life we live.  The things we see in the clubs.  It’s all second nature to ones like myself who have been in the lifestyle a good many years.  But to newbies?  The ones who just step over that threshold like the character “Zach”..   i found myself remembering.. all the newness.  The shock and awe of it all.  The intensity. The yearning.  Sometimes the confusion.  The aching.  And .. ohhh all the questions. 

This book is beyond Hot.  It’s a must read.


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