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~ i will begin this post with a little bit of research results i found on  Then i will  move onto some interviews that i conducted with some very *awesome*  P/people on the chat server.  At the end, i will:  indicate my own thoughts on branding. 🙂  i, of course, wanted Master Cr|mson’s thoughts on this subject, but perhaps He will be kind enough to leave a comment when the blog has posted. ~

Branding is a common issue in Gorean slavery, since it is often talked about in John Norman’s Chronicles of Gor series of science-fiction novels. On the planet Gor, a brand never specifically indicates a slave’s individual owner, but is simply a generic mark of overall slave status; the vast majority of slaves on Gor are branded with either a k-like “kef” symbol (which stands for the first sound of the words kajira/kajirus) or a floral “dina” symbol. The remaining, less-common, brands on Gor sometimes provide an indication of where someone was initially enslaved, but not personal ownership:

“…the mark is an impersonal designation; when she is marked she understands herself not to be marked by a given man for a given man, to be uniquely his, but rather, so to speak, that she is marked for all men; to all men she is a slave girl (usually, of course, only one among them, at a given time, will be her master). The brand is impersonal, the collar is intensely personal: the brand marks her [as] property, the collar proclaims whose property she is, who it is who has either taken, or paid for, her.” — Tribesmen of Gor

Note that the branding methods described in Norman’s books would not work in the real world to produce the desired results in any consistent or reliable manner that would hold up over the long term.

Excerpt from:


Branding is usually done with a hot metal object to scar the body. It is sometimes seen as an ultimate act of submission and commitment, to slavery if not to the relationship. A brand will be with the slave for many years, and is likely to show a mark for the rest of the person’s lifetime. Brands are normally placed high on the outer thigh, on the belly just above the crotch or on the breast.

A mark, normally indicating identity or ownership, is burned into the skin just as might be done on the hide of a animal, with a hot iron. The human skin is much more fragile than, say, a bull’s rawhide and a lot more care needs to be taken. A human branding mark is normally much smaller than one for cattle, so care needs to be taken with the design as something too complex is unlikely to work or last.

For some slaves and owners, branding is an intense desire, indicating total commitment and psychologically stamping the slave as property so the slave truly feels owned and wanted.

Excerpt from:


Here are some thoughts/beliefs/experiences from some people that i have interviewed from the chat server.


Im cautious about them, as they are permanent.  For example, just about everyone in this thing we do has done serial relationships.  Lets say, for arguments sake, I’d branded you with ‘property of IanW’, and things went really well for 2 years, and then we went ‘this isnt working’ and I released you– you’re wandering around with a brand on your left tit that isnt true any more.  So Im cautious—at the same time, it is amazingly hot and powerful to permanently mark someone.  It makes slavery real


Oh I love brands…they make a girl look so lovely!

Anonymous Dominant

I’m actually not above carving my initials on a bitch’s ass…but it  needs to be understood that a special bond has been (and is being) created.


I think you better be pretty damn sure you want one!  I am sure the pain is tremendous. …and another thing with a brand is that it will expand to be bigger then the size of the branding instrument.


On one hand, i think they are quite hot.  That whole permanent reminder of where someone has been.  That complete trust in someone, the commitment of it.  Very powerful.

The other side of it the pain. Not sure i could endure that much pain, even though the pain is temporary.  Plus, you are permanently marked.  What happens if something happens.  Then you have a constant reminder.  Which is ok  if it was an ‘easy’ parting.  Not sure if those exist, but you know what i mean.  If it’s a bad parting, you have that one constant reminder.
But, on that other side…just running your hand over that mark.  Remembering what you endured for your man/woman.  How proud you made him in that moment.  What an accomplishment for the both of you to make it that far.

To me …it is like the ultimate symbol of ownership, something that will be taken to the grave…

Like initials carved in a tree, that stay there as the tree grows and the scare stays forever, the bark gets thicker and years later you can still trace your fingers in the imprint and the memory of that day will stay forever.

The pain of the burn or tat or cut…imbeds into the flesh….which is like a piece of my body given to my owner, held with a scar…symbolizing the truth and the trust and the complete unconditional bond and love…forever.

It’s something that can never be taken away…unless plastic surgery or something
Every time i see or feel it there…it’s a reminder of my Master and my slavery, bound to Him


honestly i think if you want it and it means something then do it– but if your not 100%– dont!! Plus placing is extremely important. Just because its ok in the home doesnt mean society make it easy.  I guess like i got my tatt on my hip for an ex bf and honestly I hate it.  I like it but for me its more shameful than pride.   Tattoos can be covered brands can not. But if youre going to be together and  both want it (and sure you do) why not do it??


erotic as hell

sacrifice to pain, of the flesh, the marking, acceptance

claim, possession, an objectification both parties agree to

i think it’s hot…though i prefer a cutting over burn


I think branding is hot, but should be reserved 100% for someone you love beyond belief. It is more permanent than a tat, and should be treated as a life long commitment at that point.  OR be something that means something to the one being branded, so that should the relationship end, the brand doesn’t become a meaningless burn scar


~my thoughts:

Marking, has always been a major trigger/turn on for me.  Be it bite marks, cutting, bruises, welts, slaps ~ but brands… take it to a whole different level, obviously.  Would i accept a brand?  Yes, but.. (and it should go without saying but i will say it) First ~ i must completely and utterly trust the Dominant holding the branding iron.  Second ~ACCEPTING The brand itself, would show my loyalty, care, adoration, worship, etc to the Dominant applying the brand.  So, that being said…  the branding, to me, is the ultimate mark.  Permanent reminder.  A pain i would gladly cherish, and would run my fingers over the mark , daily.  i think that deep down, *most* submissives yearn to be owned, possessed.  Marked.  Not only to hear the word “Mine” but.. to feel it.  A visual and very real reminder, of being owned fuckflesh slavemeat for the Master.  i am not saying each and every submissive seeks to be branded, but.. this feeling may also come about in :  collars, bite marks, bruises, rings/jewelry (slave anklets, for example).

Brands, to me, is another way of marking a slave and letting her feel….. possessed.  i am not a girl who yearns to be cherished — but being marked and owned property by the right Dominant at the right time?  That’s the way to my lil slave soul



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