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Saw this chat topic… fell in love :P

I saw this room topic.. and it was an immediate flash back to myself and my prior Owner/Master years and years ago.  He told me that to Him… i was at my most beautiful ~ broken. cum stained. bruised. body soaked with piss. welts on my ass. hair matted down with sweat/piss/cum.  make up smeared. tears dried on my cheeks.  throat sore from use and a belt around it….   He even wrote a piece about it.  i so wish i saved it.  if i did it would probably be on a floppy disk somewheres — yes thats how long ago!  Here is the topic that set off this whole blog post.

“To the outside world, I’m a bastard. I hurt her, mock her, crush her down, make her cry until she falls silent. What they cant see is why I do that; so I can hold her inside my Dominance & set her free.”


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One thought on “Saw this chat topic… fell in love :P

  1. Hey… that room topic you saw and borrowed was mine! lol
    It was posted in the irc room SufferForMe, and i wrote it about my Owner and myself and the sadistic/submissive dynamic we had. It is so nice to see others that can relate to what i was trying to share. Thank you for saying you saw it elsewhere and not passing it off as your own like so many others do. 🙂 You have some good writing on your blog also. Thank you for sharing parts of your journey.



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