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Breath Control/Play


This particular play is a major kink for me.  An extreme turn on.  It has to do with giving the other person ultimate control, and with this particular “Edge Play” ~ its control over your very air — your life.  I know that some people use different methods… they use multiple things such as :  pillow cases, saran wrap, face masks – to cover the nose and mouth.

I guess i prefer.. a lil more personal and hands on – methods.  One method that i typically beg for is:  a belt around my throat as im being taken from behind.  The smell and feel of the leather just as its pulled over my head, and the feel of the leather digging into my sensitive flesh, taking my air… the stars the waves in my eyes as the air is being taken, unable to breathe…. the instinctive panic that races through your brain, you need air, and the Other person is controlling it, and denying it.

I also think, a hand around the throat is extremely and utterly erotic and SEXXYYYY..  the hands on method.. and it melts me every time…


i think what is prompting this .. is the need, the desire, the yearning to give someone that utter control, the POWER over my very being.

Delicious torment. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Breath Control/Play

  1. Agreed. It is full on domination. I love it.

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