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Book Review: “The Angel” by Tiffany Reisz



I am soooo in love with “The Original Sinners” series.  I could barely wait for the author to release this … but it was definitely worth the wait.  This series is written by an author who truly knows and lives the lifestyle .. and one can feel it, while reading .. one loses themselves in the story — just like i did. 


i am quite taken by the character of Soren.  Of course, because i am attracted to ones with Power and Control, it pulls at my slave soul, being, and heart.  This segment of the series .. explains the Man behind the Man – so to speak and gives a glimpse of His past. It shows why He needs the complete and utter control. Why, deep down He NEEDS to hurt someone ~being a Sadist at heart, it is a need, not just a desire or want, it is a deep need.  Just as the masochist needs to feel the pain, Sadists need to give it. 

Beyond this aspect. the story .. of how Soren lets His property, Nora, who is also a Switch .. go away for a few months with Griffin (another Master that has keys and a dungeon in the 8th Circle), and a submissive that needs training, Michael, who is “The Angel”. Nora is to train and watch over Michael, who is.. just beginning in the lifestyle.  At one point, Nora explained to Michael how difficult it can be , to be a switch.  Doms dont fully trust you and the submissives don’t fully know what to expect or ~ if you are “dominant enough”.  I just literally said “awwwww.. Nora….”… because you could feel how torn she is about that.  But she over comes it with each thorough beating she administers.  And with each worship session she has with her Owner. 😛

i *almost* cried ~soo moved at a couple points of the book. One being when Soren had to let Nora go, explaining that He would not lose her, so He must send her away for awhile.  Another point of the book, where He lets her go AGAIN.  But this time He removed her collar and gave her back her dungeon key.  All i could say was NOOOOO Soren Noo no noooo noo Soren dont dont dont.!” but then.. i realized WHY.  And then my heart broke yet again ~ for Him this time.  But He said “I would not let you go unless I was absolute certain You would come back to me, where you belong, little one”.  This made me feel a little better.  But STILL!

Yet again , Soren shows His wisdom and His foresight.  He placed a restriction on something (I wont give this away , but its awesome) and no one really understood why.  Nora just . *accepted* it because it was her Master’s order, but it was a restriction for the submissive she was training.  At the END , she finds out why Soren placed the restriction and she was like “OH my God , how did You know!??!?!!   months in advance!”  the others were hurting even from the restriction, but … Oh my gosh, you’ll see when you read the book!!!

Which reminds me of another person who makes rules and restrictions ~ and people are like “HOW could He?” or “WHAT is He thinking?”  then months later they say “Really?  How did You know?”   i asked Him about one of those times , it wasnt a rule or restriction it was just something he created, knowing what would happen.  When *i* found out , i was like “how did You know?  Really?!?! months in advance You knew!, Master Cr|mson” He said “I tend to know things”.  When He said that… i just raised a brow and glanced over at my book like “????”  Ironic, really!

The next segment (The Prince) of the series is due out the end of November.  I’m about to just put it on pre-order.  I can NOT wait.  What will happen to Nora?  How will Michael’s training progress after the restriction was lifted (heh).  And, what mayhem will Soren cause and then watch over – next?  



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