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Mini-story “7 Day Loan” by Tiffany Reisz


This mini story is about Nora and Soren, of course.  The time frame – is set to a time when both were younger….. The title of course, gives away what the story is about.  Soren loans His property, Nora, to another Dominant for a week.  Soren is going away for that amount of time. Soren’s line of thinking is:  The Dominant is need of help emotionally having lost His wife and slave/property 3 years prior.  Soren knows that Nora will help the Dominant out, in His needs, – sexual and psychologically. 

The hottest part of the book, at least to me?  Was this:

Nora was bitching because He was leaving for a week, and having her be at the mercy of a Dominant for a week.  She made the mistake of saying “So i dont get a say?”  Soren grabbed her by the knees, wrenched her towards Him, prying her thighs apart, and with two fingers He penetrated her quick and hard. 

He said:  “Who do you belong to?” (quietly threatening voice). 

she forced herself to breathe and meet his eyes.  She said “You, Sir”. 

He spread his fingers inside of her saying “And this,” ..”Who does this belong to?” 

She said immediately : “You Sir”. 

Him –> “Mine to keep?” 

her–> “Yes, Sir.”

Him –> “Mine to give away?” 

..She swallowed before answering “Yes, Sir”. 

Him –> “And mine to come claim again?”

,,tears formed in her eyes and whispered “Yes, Sir”.

He pulled his fingers out of her , wiped them off and said “Now,’ve had your say.”



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