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“Forced” Consent…


One of my favorite aspects of the BDSM lifestyle… “Forced” consent. 

For my own peace of mind, I do want to remind everyone of the “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” mantra and guidelines of our lifestyle.  The participants in “Forced Consent” should always go over .. safety/safe words, limits, likes/dislikes, and should trust each other before participating in this play. 

The definition of “Forced Consent” is… (From Wikipedia)


Consensual non-consent

Consensual non-consent, also called meta-consent and blanket consent, is a mutual agreement to be able to act as if consent has been waived. It is an agreement where comprehensive consent is given in advance, with the intent of it being irrevocable under most circumstances. This often occurs without foreknowledge of the exact actions planned.[2][3]

Consensual non-consent is considered a show of extreme trust and understanding. It is controversial within BDSM circles, even often frowned upon due to concerns about abuse and safety. It is mainly limited to those in Owner/property and 24/7 Master/slave relationships.

In recent years the term has also been used for the practice in play sessions. In the past, the term consensual non-consent was reserved to committed relationships, while the play practice used the umbrella term of edge play. This expanded scope is contentious and the subject of acrimonious debates.

In limited parts of the online BDSM community, “consensual non-consent” is instead used to refer to rape play that includes the use of safe words. This use of the term is commonly frowned upon, especially among total power exchange lifestyle participants. Experienced practitioners of BDSM generally discourage others from using “consensual non-consent” to indicate rape play. This attitude arises from the belief that it is a miscommunication potentially leading to serious and irreparable psychological harm.


That all being said…

i love love love when my mouth, or – for that matter, any of my holes are TAKEN.  Cock slamming into me from behind, a belt around my throat, a hand in my hair, yanking my head back.

The abduction fantasy is also a major .. major thrill and turn on for me.  The thought of… i’m out on one of my morning walks, being abducted (by someone i know and trust btw!), taken to a remote place..   being blindfolded, gagged, bruised, face fucked, my cunt and ass taken, .. feeling i’m torn in two.  Pissed on, cummed on, slapped, broken, bitten, brutally marked.  There are times, in variations of this fantasy, when breath play , knife play, trampling, gang bang are also included… but that’s because i’m not only into TPE, and the “Mind Fuck”, i’m also into pain.  feeling as if i’m at the total mercy, broken and crushed by the Dominant.

Leave me a comment!  Let me know what YOU like, what YOU Think about “forced consent”, YOUR experiences with it.


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2 thoughts on ““Forced” Consent…

  1. But but but… if you know and trust them, that’s more like a date than forced consent … It would kinda defeat the purpose. Unless of course you weren’t interested in them in any way shape or form.
    As well, while in concept it’s a wonderful idea, there’s the whole issue of how one would protect themselves in the event that one or both parties ended up NOT enjoying the encounter. A very tricky situation since you can’t agree to be forced to do anything prior. There’s no contract or form you can sign that has any weight at all under the law of this land.
    So by the time you know someone well enough for any of this kind of activity, IMO you’ve gone way beyond it being a surprise at all.

    • There was another Dominant yesterday that i was speaking with, that couldn’t quite grasp the idea of… humiliating the submissive when .. its clearly something they enjoy anyways. She was asking to be humiliated, and He was struggling with HOW to, when she clearly was begging for it, and enjoys it.

      I guess, that the same issues apply with “Forced” consent, at least on my whole train of thought on it.

      Heres the major impact of it all — we (the submissives) want to be taken, pushed, broken, crushed, pushed down, and FUCKED.

      Like the idea of …. catching Your girl cookie offguard in the kitchen, dragging her by the hair to the bedroom, and pushing her head down on the bed over the side, and just slamming into her. You KNOW she loves it, she may even do a lil protesting, but Youre gonna take her anyways. She may fight, bite, claw, at first, but Youre gonna fuck her, slap her ass, spank her, and completely claim her holes.

      With the abduction fantasy.. . for example, now You know its one of mine. Its all in the mind fuck, what if You wanted to make that fantasy come true, traveled, came up from behind, clasped a hand over my mouth, blindfolded me and pulled me to Your car? You see. In my mind, i would have no idea at the time its You. i’ll fight and do whatever to stop it. I wouldnt know its You til You talk, if You talk. But the whole time its YOU. You’d hurt me, mark my flesh, but You wouldnt harm me. Youd start fucking me , and eventually id stop fighting and just damn LOVE it, because i like to be taken! Overpowered, overwhelmed, dominated.

      The idea of pissing on a girl, is a humiliating thing for some. too. its taboo in the ‘nilla realm, but for You and me, quite the enjoyable act. You could make it humiliating by pissing on me in front of others, etc. But i’d still fuckin’ love it.

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