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Book Review on: “The Mistress” by Tiffany Reisz

Ohhh how much i love this series.  I can relate so much to the character of Nora … and the character “Soren” reminds me of my own Master, Cr|mson, in a lot of ways. 

Right in the beginning, when Nora is telling Grace about Soren, she says…


“He’s the best man on earth”

“Thats quite a claim. I’ll have to meet this man if he’s the best man on earth.’

“I’ll introduce you someday.  One word of advice — show no fear.” (Nora says)

“Show no fear?”

“Seriously.  He’s like a big cat with a catnip toy if you give him your fear to play with.” (Nora says)

How big a cat are we talking about?”

“Lion.  Big damn lion.” (Nora says)

Ironically my Master is a mind fucker too, and He doesnt hide it.  He blatantly says it.  Girls have taken me aside and said “what do i do????’ and i say “Do what He wants, obey Him, and use honorifics, for God sakes!”

But, what really, really gets me , is the claim of “He’s the best man on earth” because I say over and over … “He’s the best Man on earth” about my Master. and I say that very sincerely.  Because He is. 

This book, continues on the fact that Nora is captured and held hostage for a few days, and I really dont want to give away too much information , but she does recount a lot of information and a lot of history by way of “stories’ that she tells to her abductors – to keep alive.  OF COURSE, I end up crying during this book, because i’m such a softie, but — that is because i’m so attached to Nora and Soren. 

Another favorite part of the book is this, when Nora speaks about Soren, and it reminds me Sooooooooooooooo much about my own Master, describes Him almost right down to a T:

“He’s the most beautiful Man on earth, He’s got an inner drive and power that I’m drawn to, he can scare the shit out of someone with a glance, he can put someone on their knees with a word, he can see into your soul if you make the mistake of looking into his eyes.  And it is a mistake because you will never want to look away again no matter how bare and naked he lays your most private self.  I knelt at his feet because I felt like thats where I belonged.  And no,  not because I was so unworthy of him, but because he was so utterly worthy of my devotion.”


When Nora was explained WHY Soren *shares* her sexually .. (keep in mind, as a profession ,He is a priest)

…”He had to beg permission to keep his motorcycle otherwise He’d have to give it to the order to be sold. Everything he owns, he doesn’t.  It’s the order’s or the church’s.  You. cherie, YOU are the only thing he OWNS. You understand??”

“Then why does he want to give me away?”

“Because  you he can take back”

He raised his hand to her face to wipe a tear she hadn’t noticed falling.

There was a short period of time, that i feared that Nora would end up drifting off into the ‘nilla world with her beloved Wesley  ~~ thank God her love for her Master overrode that and she came to her senses.  And thankfully, there will be another book after this ~~ it will be named “The Priest”.  I will look forward to reading all about our beloved Alpha Sadist, Dominant, Soren! 🙂


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