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Fear and Submission

Do you fear your Dominant?  Your first reaction is probably “NOOOO, i do not”  But *maybe* you should.  Just a lil bit.

What i mean by fearing my Master ~ I mean, i fear disappointing Him.  i fear angering Him.  Disappointing Him is perhaps the most horrible feeling in the world to me, and i’ve told Him that. 

If i didn’t hold these feelings, the respect – the fear that mingles in with the respect, I believe there would be a major issue.  I wouldn’t be so eager , so willing to please Him, because the urge to please Him wouldnt be there, i would eventually just say “Ehhhh just do it Yourself”, at some point. If you think about it really, just think about it.  Why run around and serve if the Dominant doesn’t seem to care what you do?  If your Dominant just lets you do whatever you want without recourse, you’d eventually say “Just do it Yourself!” and then, one would say “hmmmmmmmmmmmm ~ whats up with that?”  While every relationship in our BDSM lifestyle is different, and we should respect each other — in my particular case – i need that bit of fear there, i need to know my place is at my Master’s feet, with my lips pressed against His boots, or forehead against the ground.

I am a slavegirl at heart, and I am a girl that needs a firm hand, He has always known this. He uses this, and keeps this close to His heart.

I am curious to know what my readers/followers think about this subject.  I know that there will be a variety of views on this.  Let me know what you think —




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One thought on “Fear and Submission

  1. ‘I mean, i fear disappointing Him. i fear angering Him. Disappointing Him is perhaps the most horrible feeling in the world to me, and i’ve told Him that.’

    i feel exactly the same way, the last thing i would want to ever do is disappoint my Master, it is the worst thing too, because it would mean i did not try hard enough to please and obey…. it would be a failure and i try and strive never to fail:)

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