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What I am. What I am not.

Have you ever thought about what you are, what you’re not?  I mean, seriously, just reflected on yourself?  It’s easy to blurt out what you “like” or “dislike”.  But, take a moment, look at yourself.  What do you see?

When I take a peek at myself I see the following:

I am:

Submissive by nature.  Slave to One (Cr|mson)

Observant, quiet

Quick Witted

A mother, wife, sister, niece, granddaughter, daughter, best friend, friend, confidant,

loyal, almost to a fault

patient, almost to a fault

A warrior, a fighter


Loving, caring

A person who needs as much “alone” time, as i do spending time with others

A girl with a hot temper, however – it takes a lot to provoke me, or someone has to hurt one of my friends/family.


Respectful of All



One who possesses a contagious laugh

Lover of music!!

I am NOT the following: 

A Domme (Get over it! I’m not a Domme, see above!)

A Doormat

An Idiot



Am not going to let You hurt my Friends, Family, and Especially – my Master .  If you attempt it — WATCH OUT

am not one who cares for your drama/whining/ etc — take it elsewhere

One for silence – need music, noise, something in the background

One for the same ol’ same ol’ every day — Need variety, to try new things

NOT.. NOT NOT NOT going to tolerate BS


Well there it is!!!  There’s a lil peak at me, what makes me – “me”.  There is more, always more.  But just a taste, just a bit of reflection..  And all this, before a proper cup of coffee!!! ~~

~~Cr|mson’s pita, ~~


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