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We will lick your tears

Learned something Gor today

It was never explained to me before, and back when it happened, i just accepted, and never questioned the “why” behind it, i just accepted it – as it was and IS.


What i want to say is:  Thank You, my Awesome, Incredible, Fantastic, Most Sexy Man in the whole World, my One — for holding me as Your #1.  Please remember that You are my heart and breath.

What i learned in Gor today was:

Girls seldom follow behind and on the right. If she is thusly placed it is commonly a sign she is in disfavor. If more than one girl is involved, she who follows most closely on the left is generally taken to be in highest favor; girls compete for this position.


I was, and I still am, always on His left.

~Cr|mson’s pita


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